Although winter might seem like an odd time to sell your Northern Wisconsin home, the limited competition allows you to garner more attention from potential homebuyers! There are many ways to highlight your home during the winter months. Create a cozy, warm environment and have your home sold faster than you can imagine! Here are 9 tips for winter selling success!

1. Clean your Entryway. Your entryway is the first thing homebuyers see inside your home. This spot can get especially messy in the winter. Keep your boots and winter gear tucked away in a closet.

2. Make it Cozy. Add a warm touch to each room. Place area rugs, throws, and pillows in warm hues throughout the house. Since winter days tend to be dark, make sure that all lights are on to keep the house looking bright and welcoming.

3. Light a Fire. Whether you have a wood or gas burning fireplace, start a fire before each showing. Only do this if you have properly cleaned your fireplace beforehand! Don't have a fireplace? Add candles or seasonal scents to create a similar warm effect.

4. Emphasize Entertaining. Winter time goes hand in hand with holiday parties. Show homebuyers how great your home functions for gatherings in the kitchen, dining room, and other major rooms by laying out treats and flowers.

5. Decorate for the Holidays. Tis the season so add some holiday decor to your home. But, keep it simple! Avoid cluttering your home with decorations. Also, keep it neutral since homebuyers might celebrate different holidays and you want them to be able to envision themselves in your home.

6. Focus on Winter Rooms. There are some rooms in your home that will be utilized especially in the winter, such as playrooms, heated toolsheds, and more. Remove clutter from these rooms and make sure they are highlighted during showings.

7. Showcase Outdoor Spaces. Winters in Northern Wisconsin might be cold but you live here because you enjoy spending time outdoors in all the seasons. If you have a covered porch or other outdoor room, keep the space furnished and livable.

8. Remove Snow and Ice. Avoid slips and falls! Clear all pathways and driveways clear of snow and ice so homebuyers can easily and safely explore your property.

9. Highlight your Garden. Your garden and outdoor landscape might be hidden by snow but add structural details, such as planters and rock walls, to showcase the potential of your yard all year round.


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