Selling your Northern Wisconsin home? Congrats! Now that you have made that decision, it is time to get your home ready to be listed. One important but often overlooked step in this process is staging. Many sellers question the purpose of staging and if there are truly benefits to doing it. We are here to take guesswork out for you! Check out these findings from the National Association of REALTORS® and get ready to reap the benefits of staging your home to sell!

1. Staging helps create a great first impressions and sets your home apart from the crowd. In fact, staged homes were viewed by online viewers 40% more than non-staged homes.

2. It is important that buyers can visualize themselves living in the home. Staging helps to do this through removing personal items, decluttering, and showing how to utilize the space.

3. Staging has a great ROI. Overall, the value of staged homes increased by 1 to 5%, and in some cases, even more!

4. Your home will not sit on the market as long. 39% of realtors representing sellers saw staged homes spend less DOM then unstaged homes.

5. It is important that every area of your home looks its best. Be sure to do a thorough cleaning throughout. It is not necessary to stage every single room in your home. NAR found that the most important rooms to stage were the Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, and Master Bedroom.

Consider hiring a professional stager who will best know how to highlight your homes amazing amenities and maximize the space. For additional Staging or other Sellers Tips, contact the Redman Realty Group.