Does your family practice fire prevention safety tips?  Have you developed an escape plan in the event of a home fire?

This is National Fire Prevention Week and the best time to make sure your family understands all the safety precautions and what to do in a home fire.

1. Test all smoke & carbon monoxide detectors in your home to ensure they are in good working order.  Batteries should be replaced in these devices on an annual basis.

2. Ensure your house numbers or fire lane is clearly marked and visible at all times.

3. Create an escape plan with your family;  include every room and all windows & doors.

4. Review two areas of exit from all rooms.

5. Make sure all windows and doors are easily opened and are free of clutter and obstacles.

6. Choose an outside meeting place for all family members once they are out of your home.

7. Practice this fire evacuation drill with all family members, including meeting at your outside destination.

8. Have a plan in place as to who is responsible for evacuating family pets.

9. Keep a highly visible posted list of all emergency numbers and make sure everyone knows where it is located.

10. Keep fireplaces & woodburning stoves free from clutter and debris.


Fire Prevention Checklist




Home Fire Escape Plan

For additional Fire Prevention Tips and Family Activity Drills, visit the National Fire Prevention Association.