Are you looking to put your Northwoods Home on the Market?  Did you know that successfully staging your home to highlight all its great amenities actually aids in the sales process and the price you receive for your home?  Homes that are staged sell in an average of 11 days and sell for 17% more!  Staging is different from decorating and sets your home apart from others on the market.

Here are the Top 7 Home Staging Tips for a successful home sale:

Symmetry- When adding pops of color, throw pillows or blankets, decorative accents and more, it's important to let symmetry guide you. This makes your efforts that much more pleasing to the eye of the buyer.

Lighting- Always start with utilizing the great natural sunlight from windows and doors in your home, then add chic, decorative lamps that highlight the best assets of your room.

The White Glove Test- Before putting your home on the market, or showing to potential buyers, make sure all areas of the room are clutter-free and organized perfectly.  Counter tops should be clear of any items except the few set up for the sale. Closets should be cleaned out and only select items kept to maximize space & storage.  All rooms should be ready to pass the 'white glove test' for cleanliness.  An unorganized and messy home will often turn buyers away.

Gender Neutral Colors- Bedrooms should be painted in neutral tones to allow the potential home buyer to envision their belongings in the room. If you currently have rooms painted in specific gender tones, consider repainting and decorating appropriately.

Traffic Flow- Arrange each room in your home to maximize space while keeping in mind the best traffic pattern for the room itself. This is especially helpful in your gathering areas;  living and family rooms and kitchen.

Garage- Your garage is still part of your overall home and needs TLC before putting your home on the market.  Invest in great organizational tools and bins to showcase the space and storage potential.

Curb Appeal- The first impression of your home is when a buyer first pulls up.  Make sure your home's exterior is in excellent shape;  repaint if necessary, fix windows doors and roof.  It's also important to make sure your yard is well manicured.  Placing a few beautiful flower pots and decorative accents around the entry way will add to the curb appeal.

For more Home Selling Tips visit our website or contact a member of the Redman Realty Group for a personal consultation.