Fall and winter in Northern Wisconsin is undoubtedly beautiful. However, the shorter days can sometimes make your home look gloomy in the evening hours. Brigthen up your home and keep it looking airy and fresh for the remainder of the year! Follow these 5 steps to lighten up your home and feel like you are living inside a winter winterland!

White Paint. You want to keep some of the rustic charm of your home to match life in the northwoods. However, consider adding some white paint to certain rooms throughout the house to freshen them up and make them appear larger. Two coats of white paint on walls, wood paneling, or hardwood floors will instantly freshen up the space.


Declutter. Time to go through your home and really evaluate what you need lying out on surfaces. Minimize the amount of stuff that you just have sitting out. Opening up surfaces and creating smooth lines help to lighten spaces. Buy storage pieces that also doubles as functional furniture.


Mirrors. Instantly open up your space by adding mirrors. Consider wall mirrors, mirrored back splashes, and glass top furniture or mirrored accessories.


Light Linens. Use breezy curtains and crisp white throws and blankets to feel like you are living in a cloud.


Some Color. To keep your home looking to sterile with all that white, add subtle shades of blue and gray throughout your decor.



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